Networking & Security

Networking & Security

Securing your network for the future

When it comes to securing your network, the ability to respond can make all the difference. Networks may change slowly, but your people and operations don’t. A secure network doesn’t start with switches and cables, it starts with an intimate knowledge of your operations and the people supporting it. A change to your business can make big changes to the security and capability of your network and we have the technical expertise and experience so that you can take advantage of the opportunities made possible by new and existing technologies. Securing your network for your current business sustainability while also growing with you in a future-proof position. We know how the integration of Industrial Production Networks to the cloud alters the attack surface of your critical infrastructure. We understand the full scope of Process Control Networks.  We understand how a compromise could affect your business. At Encom we know how to secure your networks so this doesn’t happen.

That's why we start by understanding your business outcomes first and the solution second. That's how Encom work.

Data Breaches - The Facts

Let’s get started.

To learn more get in touch and talk to us about:

  • A security audit and risk assessment of your Industrial Process Control Network to identify and resolve material risk to production. 
  • Conducting a passive security assessment of your network
  • Developing a security response matrix to drastically reduce the time to respond and reduce cost of a data breaches. 

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*Ponemon Institue (2017) - Cost of Data Breach Study Conducted on behalf of IBM Security