Application Services

Application Services

Pragmatic Innovation

IT isn't what it used to be. These days you’ve got to be across technology, engineering, process changes and organisational behaviour to get the job done. Innovation is central to this but more importantly, a reasonable, no-nonsense approach where the outcome is always in focus. Complex technical landscapes with legacy systems can mask the real issue and it's our experience that it’s not always just about technology. We know that what you’re really doing is solving a business problem. Sometimes you need to change a process and sometimes you need technology.

At Encom, our application services and consulting practice grew up with BP, one of the world’s leading energy companies. Encom has been delivering consistently for BP over 30 years in a no-fuss manner- adopting a holistic approach to delivering successful outcomes for every BP project we have worked on.

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  • Turn the key problems you face into strategic executable projects.
  • Implement real continuous improvements to reduce the operating costs of your assets.
  • Develop custom technology solutions to match your specific needs.
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